Saturday, March 28, 2009

Learning About Etsy

It's interesting starting a store like this. The last time I tried to create any kind of a website was circa a full decade ago, and all I remember is being pretty baffled by HTML. The new idea of Web 2.0 (an interactive, more user involved publishing process, Wiki-net to me) is brilliant. The accessibility of creating websites like Facebook pages, blogs, and Etsy shops is new to me, and I'm loving it.

Etsy is especially great at communicating with its users. I've already been to three virtual labs and learned how to better present and market my store. Just being in these groups has given me greater visibility. Here are some things that are on my list to improve from my first-posted shop three weeks ago.

_check!_ Improve banner to include items for sale and continue store theme
_check!_ Improve avatar in the same way
_check!_ Increase number of tags so that our items show up in search engines more easily
_check!_ Edit shop title for the same reason
_check!_ Price items to reflect the real amount of work that goes into each item, instead of just trying to cover the cost of the raw materials
_to do_ Describe items in better detail, including measurements and more adjectives
_to do_ Improve pictures by using natural light, macro setting, and models or the outside world

It's fun working on these things, talking to people and learning more about other shops as well as my own!

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