Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning About Cottage Licenses

So while simplifying a pattern for baby shrugs for my Etsy site, I saw that the designer required written permission to sell for profit. Now normally, I think that because I don't actually make any money off of things like this, it won't matter. But in this case, it seemed like a good idea to contact her. Since she has a Ravelry profile and blog etc, it was pretty easy to find her email address. She said I can sell up to five before I am required to buy a cottage license.

Now, I had no idea what this meant, so I Googled it. I have to pay some crazy amount like $100 in order to use the pattern for profit. We'll see. One sale so far, and a rocking 17 items up!

I've gone back to some Two-Tone Socks in self-striping superwash yarn etc. Hopefully, I won't forget to do my own queue while working some of this other stuff.

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