Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WIPs and Knit Nights

Bleh. I'm having trouble working through the WIPs. There are only two, and they're both blankets. One is the Hemlock Ring Blanket, and the other is a one piece baby blanket in a snappy jacquard. Extra colorwork, no fuss - love that. But they're on the extremes of interesting. The baby blanket is mind-numbing, but now too big for bus-commute knitting. Hemlock is a serious brain exercise, and I barely made it through the first 37 rows when I was alone in a quiet apartment this weekend. I tried working a couple rows while the boys were over, and that failed miserably. I'm one stitch off, but hell if I know where.

I have stash matched up to queued items, but starting another project when I have two so far from being completed is a horrifying idea. I really do need more mittens, though as my Knit-a-Day calendar reminded me yesterday, if I start something warm now, it will probably be finished just in time for toasty spring weather.

On a different note (can't decide whether it's an upside or what) Knit nights with Dana and Adrienne have been going really well. I think they both hold themselves up to some kind of standard like "we should be able to knit like Emily" which is ridiculous. Haha! No one can knit like me! But seriously, they've only done two or three projects each, and are doing really well. It's going pretty quickly, and they can both knit, purl, decrease, cast on and bind off - more than some knitters learn in their whole lives! We've been frequenting the Knit1 yarn shop on Lincoln Ave, just north of Addison - the owner is open late both Wednesdays and Thursdays, and I just happen to be in love with the selection there. Fortunately, I haven't gone in with a shopping list, since I can never find what I want if I know what that is going in. Does that make sense? Can't have a mission. Never works.

We've started rotating apartments to hang out at each week, and I suppose we'll throw in the yarn shop whenever necessary. It was kind of nice to give them each some yarn from my stash. Love to get rid of that stuff. Just some Homespun and baby yarn, but helpful nonetheless. I'm trying to mature into a new era of quality yarns, and getting rid of anything from Hobby Lobby and Michael's, much as I love them.

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