Friday, February 6, 2009

Knit Night 2/5/09

Little knitting happened last night, but it was nice to have a homecooked meal. Even though I've been cooking for myself, Addie's shepherd's pie was lovely. I have done 13/70 rows of the chart on my hemlock blanket now, and as with most large things with me, it seems much more daunting halfway through than when I started. I just knit along, lalala, then think ,"Wow, self, well done, this is going swimmingly. What do you mean you're only 25% done? That's crazy kookoo bananas! This will take forever."

Dana says she's done with the band for her hat, but left it at home, and the baby booties... did not go as planned. She creatively cut the amount of knitting required in half, because the first bootie turned out for a giant monster baby. Addie, unfortunately is too busy with work, school, and homework to have any time to relax or knit. She spent all of her time off yesterday cleaning for us to come over. Her sister got a new puppy, I'm so jealous, it was soooooo cute.

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