Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Sleeve Down: Green Gable Sweater

My next big-sized project (though not horribly complex) is the Green Gable sweater from Vogue Fall 2008. Like a few others on Ravelry, I'm making it with Cascade Ecological Wool. This particular wool is a continuation of the Hemlock Ring blanket that I made earlier this year. One hopes that this will be the year of expanding into larger projects with relatively fine gauge and inexpensive wool.

Did I write about my wool-epiphany? I love it, for all of the reasons that everyone else does. I just finally decided it was worth it not to buy crappy acrylic.

I have one sleeve down on this sweater (done first to check gauge, then continued on), but no pictures yet. I have also worked a moss-stitch beret, a mitered beret and a pair of mitered mittens. Ravel them through their hyperlinks, while I work on pictures of my recent endeavors.

Still happy that I remade matches for all of the lost mittens this winter. It makes me happy every time I look at my winter-woolies stash that no mitten is lonely and that I have 2 of my favorite tam, but in different warmths/weights.

On second thought, I have also worked away some of the lonely balls of sock yarn that were clogging up my stash, and if I do say so myself, I have improved my photography skills considerably since I learned a few new tricks. See below (and at my Etsy website):

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