Sunday, January 25, 2009


Slouchy hats are really driving me crazy.

I have made about half a dozen in the past two months, and roughly half of them come out nicely.

1. The very first one was too stiff of a fabric and looks like a wierd Rastafarian hat. Fortunately, Cassie likes it, but dammit, it was supposed to be pretty and subtle, not acceptably bizarre.

2. The second was a fantastic beret (Kent's moss stitch beret), but I lost it. I wanted to give it to Liz, but couldn't because I lost it.

3. I made a replacement for that one next. The shape was modified just a bit to give a wider band and deeper hat. Also, the second moss stitch beret is a fantastic limey yellow and part wool, so a little warmer than the first one. The shape and drape worked out just right for this pattern - medium worsted weight yarn on 3s and 6s.

4. Next, I used a lighter worsted yarn (Nashua Worsted) to make a beret that was designed with this yarn in mind. This one had a loose band, but the shape is pretty great. I would use even smaller needles for the band if I were to make it again.

5. Vogue Knitting magazine had this phenomenal neon yellow bobbled and lace hat that I wanted to do. It sound ridiculous, I know, but really looked fantastic, if a little less slouchy than desired. The use of a different gauge yarn than recommended ended up in an extra-big hat. No head has been found to be big enough for this hat quite yet. It looked especially mushroom-like on Marilyn's petite head.

6. What looked great on her was the waffle-pattern beret made with the same Nashua alpaca-wool blend as the cabled beret. It was a bit small for my tastes, but blocked out a little bigger, and looked great on her. I used Kent's folded band but the top pattern and decreases from the Beret Gaufre on Ravelry. Yarn was in short supply during the decreases and I wish there had been about three yards more, but such is life. I improvised to close things up a little faster than expected.

Next, I have mittens to replace.

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